The t-shirt makers.

Typographia gathers a group of creative people with the mission of developing an original approach to the craft of designing and printing t-shirts. We work hard everyday to provide great quality tees with independent design at a fair price.

The project started in 2010 and Lisbon saw the opening of the first Typographia store in 2013. Our t-shirts were so cherished that we decided to bring the project to other cities, such as Porto, Barcelona and Madrid.

In addition, our tees are also available in some incredible museums.


Made in Porto, Portugal.
Great quality cotton.
Unisex and female fit.


Printed in Porto, Portugal.
Silkscreen combined with Direct-to-Garment.
High-quality water-based inks.


In-house team.
Local designers.
Worldwide collaborations.

Typographia is an internationally registered trademark © 2023

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